Kacey Barnfield Featured in Daily Mirror Article about Blood Orange

Iggy Pop pointing something out to actress Kacey Barnfield.

Rocker Iggy Pop has developed a taste for vintage red wine and opera. Classy.

The former addict, 68, stars in the film Blood Orange where he plays an ageing rocker married to a younger woman.

His co-star Antonio Magro said: “Iggy has a real taste for vintage red wine. Every day he would have a man who would get a couple of bottles of vintage red wine which were a couple of hundred pounds each.

“Iggy would just take them into his room. I shared one with him. We got into a habit of drinking this red wine and watching opera. Iggy loves opera, Puccini, Mozart. He found this channel on the TV and would watch it every day.”

But Iggy hasn’t lost his edge – and had a surprise for co-star Kacey Barnfield.

Londoner Kacey, who plays his on-screen wife in the thriller, said: “I had to kiss Iggy, I’m 27 and he is 68. But I absolutely fell in love with him. He absolutely went for it, tongues and all.”

Singer Tim Arnold has written part of the film score. The flick was launched at the Cannes Film Festival last week.

Tim said: “To write for Iggy’s character was incredible and it was great to get his feedback about the music. What a privilege. What a legend.”

We can’t wait to see it…

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