Kacey Barnfield’s Co-Star Discusses Seeking Dolly Parton and What It Was Like Playing Her Lover

Anya Monzikova gave an interview with Russian Chicago Magazine recently discussing Seeking Dolly Parton and what it was like playing Kacey Barnfield’s on-screen lover. This is an abridged version.

– Our last interview with you was almost a year ago, what projects are you working on now?

– I booked a recurring role in Days of our lives as Claudia, which will be coming out in September; did a guest star appearance on the show The League, where I have a fun Russian role of Ulyana. And most importantly the film Seeking Dolly Parton is being released and having a screening in Chicago on September 22nd!

– Very exciting! This movie will be at 33rd Chicago LGBTQ + International Film Festival. What is this movie about?

– The film is about two girls who are in love and looking to start a family in a very unconventional way. I play one of these girls. We ask my ex-boyfriend to be the sperm donor and it opens up a whole can of worms! It’s really a great, heartfelt and funny film that I am proud to be a part of. We shot it in 7 days, with no budget and a minimum crew. With all the obstacles against us, I think it turned out great!

– How did you get a role in that movie?

– I worked with Michael Worth [movie director] on one of his previous films. When he came to me about Seeking Dolly Parton, I couldn’t turn it down! I read the script and instantly was drawn to it. I loved the story line. It was a new subject matter for me… to play a lesbian. And I wanted to go for it. I believe that Love is Love. I have a few gay friends and actually had a friend at the time going through the adoption process. I felt connected to the story.

– How did you benefit from this project?

– I definitely learn a lot about myself with each film or project that I do. With this one, like I said before, it just felt personal. I wanted the audience to really root for the girls and most importantly to feel their love. I’m hoping we accomplished that.

– Was it hard for you to play a lesbian? What about intimate scenes?

– I didn’t really have a hard time with the lesbian thing. I can find myself attracted to girls. It’s not as hard, I think, for women to be able to appreciate other women. Plus, I had Kacey Barnfield as my co-star! She’s gorgeous. So it was easy to find the chemistry.

– Would you mind telling us a secret (in secret, of course): how all those intimate sexy scenes (like kissing and making love) are being filmed? How natural and real are they?

– Well, in most cases, it’s really an unnatural thing… to shoot kissing scenes or even sex scenes. You usually have 20 or so people around you with a director telling you about your every move and lights are blinding you… It is really not private or sexy in any way. But in this film, it was just the director, the cameraman and we. That’s why we were able to feel a little more privacy and it came off more natural to me. But with bigger productions, there is really no secret. You just have to go for it! And hope, you don’t sweat off your makeup from nerves!

Read the full interview HERE

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