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New Kacey Barnfield Images Added to the Childhood Photos Gallery 21.08.2015

Three old school pictures Kacey uploaded to her Instagram account featuring her as a little tyke flogging her parents belongings back to them with her brother, the pair of them sat a table, and a third of her and her … Continue reading

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Kacey Barnfield Bob Cut Image Added to the Miscellaneous Photo Shoots Gallery 18.08.2015

Kacey Barnfield in a cute little shot from her teenage years, featuring her sporting a short bob haircut or wig and a harlequin-style checked dress.

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Kacey Barnfield Early Clean and Clear Commercial

This is an early commercial Kacey featured in advertising Clean and Clear face wash.

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Interview with Kacey Barnfield When She Was Only 13 Years Old

This is a small magazine interview Kacey Barnfield gave when she was just 13 and already starring in Grange Hill. Star sign: “Capricorn.” Fave smoothie: “Strawberry.” Fave singer: “Craig David.” Last CD bought: “Destiny’s Child album.” Ambition: “To be a famous actor, director or producer.” Best things about being 13? “You … Continue reading

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Grange Hill Caps (2001-2005) Screen Capture Photo Gallery

Kacey Barnfield played Maddie Gilks in seasons 24 – 29 of Grange Hill, a CBBC drama centered around the students of a British secondary school. Over the years, Maddie went from scamp to vamp, eventually walking out of the sixth-form after deciding that it was all beneath her.

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Every Kacey Barnfield Scene in Grange Hill

Kacey arrives in series 24 of Grange Hill as Maddie Gilks, a naughty schoolgirl who immediately sets about causing mischief for her fellow pupils. In her second year, Maddie receives her comeuppance after loneliness and depression drive her to start drinking and … Continue reading

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New Kacey Barnfield Image Added to the Instagram Gallery 21.06.2015

A father’s day Instagram post featuring a little Kacey on holiday with her dad and brother.

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